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IS CLINICAL Core Antioxidant Serum | GeneXC Serum 30ml

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IS CLINICAL GeneXC Serum 30ml

The first medical genetic antioxidant product in the United States that has been certified as safe and effective by the Gene Research Laboratory - GeneXC Core Antioxidant Essence.

Genes are the life stewards of skin cells, supervising the process of cell division and controlling the quality of new cells. The integrity of gene sequencing directly affects the antioxidant capacity of cells and the speed of skin aging. Affected by natural aging and environmental factors, genes are easily damaged by free radicals. Damaged genes continue to replicate in defective cells, leading to premature skin aging and even skin lesions. Oxidative damage is an inevitable fate for skin cells. To break this fate, we must protect the integrity of our genes, cut off the defective cell replication program in a timely manner, and restart the core antioxidant mechanism of cells.

iS CLINICAL uses patented polar biotechnology to develop GeneXC Serum. Human cell testing has confirmed that its antioxidant performance is at least 16 times higher than ordinary antioxidants containing vitamins C, E, F and ferulic acid. The formula contains multiple polar biological enzymes, which can effectively reach the core of defective cells, repair damaged genes, cut off the source of defects, reset the replication program of healthy cells, restart genes of healthy cells, trigger self-generated antioxidant power, and comprehensively improve skin health. Its unique ingredients will form a strengthened protective film on the periphery of cells, blocking free radical damage from the outside, breaking the oxidative fate of cells at the source, and reversing the law of skin aging.

IS CLINICAL core antioxidant essence can repair damaged genes at the source, cut off the replication of defective cells, and comprehensively renew the health of cells. Activate the core antioxidant mechanism of cells to fight against free radical damage internally and externally, improve skin brightness, anti-aging and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Take 3-4 drops and pat evenly on face and neck in the morning and evening.

IS CLINICAL Core Antioxidant Serum | GeneXC Serum 30ml
IS CLINICAL Core Antioxidant Serum | GeneXC Serum 30ml Sale price$1,100.00 Regular price$1,530.00