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The Spanish brand Mesoestetic is a Spanish multinational pharmaceutical company that focuses on product development and production, providing medical beauty products, instruments, etc. to doctors and professional therapists. Since 1984, mesoestetic has been committed to developing unique product formulas to provide the most innovative and effective medical aesthetic solutions.

The new cell-mimetic nanotechnology uses unique complex factors to simulate the "cell" state, sealing and protecting the active ingredients so that their properties remain unchanged. This technology can more effectively improve the permeability and delivery efficiency, allowing the active ingredients to be delivered to the deep layers of the skin and released at the appropriate time and environment. It can improve the penetration and efficiency, and effectively seal and protect the high-concentration active ingredients.

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Save $210.00Mesoestetic Meso 4HA Instant Filling Essence | HA densimatrix 30ml
Save $270.00Mesoestetic Anti-Aging Flash Ampoules 10x2ml
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