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common problem

common problem

-Why are the products sold by FACEMART more affordable?
- Some of the products sold by FACEMART are imported directly from the country of origin and resold back. The price of the products in the country of origin is generally lower than those distributed to other countries or regions. Some of the goods sold are products directly authorized to be sold by local general agents, so wholesale prices are generally more affordable .

-What is the quality of the products sold by FACEMART?
-Most of FACEMART 's products are imported directly from the country of origin, so the packaging may be different, but we will also make sure to conduct testing to ensure the quality of the products for customers to purchase. Good quality can also be ensured by directly authorizing the sale of goods through a general agent.

-FACEMART What is the date and freshness of the product?
-Our goods are stored indoors and kept as cool as possible. The goods will be inspected again during packaging to ensure that the goods are in the best condition and have sufficient use date of no less than six months.

-Can I cancel the order after placing it?
-Please carefully check the products you select before completing your order. We will not accept cancellation or modification of orders for which payment has been confirmed.

-Will I be given a trial pack for purchase?
-We will conduct irregular trial promotion activities, hoping to bring different skin care experiences to customers. Please pay attention to the important notice for details. However, the number of trial items is limited and supplies are available while supplies last without further notice.

-What amount of purchase can get free shipping?
-If you purchase any product in our store for $300 or more, you can enjoy free shipping by SF Express.

-What shipping method does FACEMART use?
-We use SF Express, please refer to "Shipping Service" for details.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at .