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about Us

NCNS International Company is a multi-brand retail company in Hong Kong with " FACEMART " brand operates an online store. FACEMART skin care products online store was established in 2019.

Provide customers with a convenient, fast and secure shopping experience, allowing them to enjoy shopping without leaving home. Facemart collects different high-quality skin care products from various places for different skin care procedures. brand, striving to bring high-quality products from all over the world at preferential prices customer. Some of the products sold on FACEMART are imported directly from the country of origin, and some The goods sold are directly authorized to be sold by local general agents.

We adhere to a sincere attitude, deeply understand public skin problems, select and recommend high-quality skin care brands,
Provide opinions to customers so that customers Choose skin care products that suit you and target various skin problems. Find true healthy skin.

FACEMART adheres to its purpose, With high-quality service and sincere attitude, we strive to enable customers to improve their skin quality in a targeted manner and find healthy skin and confident beauty.