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Sorry, we currently do not provide exchange or refund services.

All goods will be inspected again by packaging colleagues before being packaged and shipped. If the item is indeed delivered by mistake, please send it back together with the item to be returned (if it is unopened) and the original packaging (SF Express collect) within 7 days from the date when SF Express shows that the item has been successfully received. After receiving the goods, we will re-ship the correct goods to you as soon as possible within 7 working days . Our store will be responsible for the round-trip express shipping costs .

Before returning a mis-delivered product, please contact our store and send us your order number and request a return order number to complete the entire process.

If you find that the product is penetrated or damaged, please keep the delivery box and related packaging, and provide us with the following information within 7 days from the day when SF Express shows that the goods have been successfully received. We will follow up with you as soon as possible within 7 working days. And processing, our store will also be responsible for the round-trip express shipping costs :

-Pictures of the appearance of the express carton (the condition of the outer box must be clearly visible)
-Pictures of the inner box of the express carton (including bubble or inflatable packaging)
-Pictures of products with penetration or damage

Please understand the product before purchasing to ensure that it meets your needs. Items cannot be returned if you change your wishes, etc.


FACEMART does not assume any responsibility for products that cause allergies or adverse skin reactions, or for any problems caused by improper use of products. Sorry we are unable to offer refunds or returns.

Since everyone's skin has the opportunity to react differently to beauty products, we recommend that customers carefully review product information and ingredient lists before purchasing. Customers can view more detailed product information on the skin care brand's website or contact us for more product details.

In the event of any disputes, FACEMART reserves the right to make the final decision without objection. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Email contact:
Wtsapp / Telephone contact: +852 94929834
Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00 ( except Hong Kong public holidays )

Our customer service team will do their best to serve you and 2 We will reply to you within one working day.