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Article: [Oil inside and dry and dark particles on the outside are all due to damage to the skin barrier! 】

【內油外乾 暗粒閉口全因肌膚屏障受損  ! 】

[Oil inside and dry and dark particles on the outside are all due to damage to the skin barrier! 】

Confused about oil inside and dry outside?

I have always believed that I am troubled by the problem of " oil inside and dry outside " , and I have tried countless skin care products. My skin has finally improved in the past two years , I have to share some experience more or less .

What I discovered is that internal oiliness and external dryness may not exist.
My situation is combination oily skin with damaged barrier !

What is a compromised skin barrier?

The barrier is damaged probably because the protective layer on the skin's surface is damaged, the resistance is reduced, and the absorption capacity is also reduced. Not only is the moisture not locked in, it is also easily lost. The so-called oily on the outside and dry on the inside is actually combination oily / or oily skin with damaged skin barrier. This type of skin is often prone to oil production, leading to closed acne particles, enlarged pores, and prone to allergies and redness. If you are not careful, constantly using oil removal and oil control products and excessive cleansing will aggravate the problem of skin barrier damage. , making water and nutrients easier to lose.

How to improve barrier damage?

This type of skin is often prone to oil production, leading to closed acne particles, enlarged pores, and prone to allergies and redness!

In the past, I always thought it was due to lack of water that caused my skin to become oily. I only used moisturizing products, but they didn't feel very absorbed. In the summer, I used whitening products to brighten my skin, but they never showed any effect. To solve the problem, you must first use hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and other natural products to repair the skin barrier. Then slowly deal with the problem of oiliness in combination skin , only in this way can all stubborn problems be completely and fundamentally improved ! If you have similar skin conditions , remember to use appropriate skin care products to repair the skin, thereby improving the problems of enlarged pores, rough skin , closed dark particles, and redness and allergies. If the skin barrier problem is not addressed first, no matter how many products you apply, it will be in vain.

Barrier damage repair strategies

Skin Ceuticals HYDRATING B5| Ceuticals Hydrating Vitamin B5 Essence

Contains pure natural moisturizing factors, which can lock in moisture and continuously moisturize and moisturize the skin, making the skin smooth ; providing skin nutrition and repair ability. Oil-free formula.

Skin Ceuticals PHYTO CORRECTIVE|Ceuticals Whitening Repair Gel

Especially suitable for sensitive or oily skin with acne blemishes, it has antibacterial effects, moisturizes and effectively improves barrier damage. A highly effective oil-free moisturizer suitable for oily and acne-prone skin , it can soothe and calm red skin, and maintain healthy physiological functions of skin and mucous membranes.

Bicelle B5 Gel | Complete Vitamin B5 Moisturizing Essence 60ml

Quickly injects 1,000 times of moisture directly into the bottom layer of the skin to keep the skin permanently hydrated. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, glycerin, green tea essence, centella asiatica, active peptides, etc. can thoroughly repair and activate cells to restore suppleness, youthfulness and regeneration of the skin.

Bicelle Complete Vitamin B5 Moisturizing Cream | HYDRA B5 CREAM 50g

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 | Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum 30ml

La Roche-Posay Anti-Wrinkle Firming Essence is an anti-wrinkle soothing solution that has passed the sensitivity test and is suitable for sensitive skin. Contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to moisturize, inject long-lasting water into the skin and repair it.

B5 Anti-Wrinkle Firming Essence not only locks moisture on the surface of the skin, but also penetrates deep into the skin, working with collagen to tighten the skin and restore skin elasticity, activating health and youthfulness.

Repairing the skin barrier does not happen overnight, but I believe that by using the right skin care products and quitting bad habits in daily life, things will definitely improve. If you have any serious skin problems, remember to consult a dermatologist! 

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