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Article: [Rosacea is not an incurable disease! 】

【 玫瑰座瘡並不是不治之症! 】

[Rosacea is not an incurable disease! 】

What is rosette?

Rosacea is a skin disease caused by an imbalance in the nervous system that controls facial blood vessels, resulting in excessive facial congestion and erythema. The cause is currently unknown. People with weak immunity or long-term improper use of steroid creams have a higher chance of developing rosacea.

How to deal with a diagnosis of rosette?

Being diagnosed with rosacea is bound to be scary. I'm afraid it's a long-term illness ! I don't know when the skin will be restored to its original appearance. Facing all the unknown skin problems, it is inevitable to feel worried and helpless. But it’s important to know , emotions will definitely affect the condition of the skin and its ability to heal. So the first thing to do is accept that you have rosette. Don’t panic yet, rosette is not an incurable disease !

Adjust diet Get twice the result with half the effort!

Remember to avoid caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks and alcoholic foods to avoid aggravating the condition.
Spicy food is also a taboo ! Spicy food can easily cause facial blood vessels to dilate, aggravating the condition of rosette and causing facial redness. , so in order to return to its original appearance as soon as possible, it is better to eat less spicy food ! Eating as light a diet as possible can help the body return to its original state as soon as possible. Eat more fruits and vegetables to enhance your immunity, which will definitely help your body resist rosettes.
The editor has always loved seafood, but during the illness, in order to avoid unnecessary allergies, I stopped eating shellfish for a while.

sufficient sleep Help the condition

Getting enough sleep is important. Try to go to bed before 12 o'clock in the evening, which will be of great help to the condition of rosette. The editor found that whenever I get enough sleep, when I wake up the next day, my facial redness is significantly reduced ! Adequate sleep can enhance the body's ability to repair itself, which is very helpful for the condition.

Use appropriate skin care products to enhance repair power

When the skin slowly becomes stable, this is the best time to use suitable skin care products.
Remember to avoid using alcohol-containing skin care products, cosmetics and cleaning products to avoid causing skin allergies, redness and swelling. And everything is based on simple procedures.

Here I would like to share with you the skin care products that I am grateful to have come across when I was suffering from rosacea !


Using the leading technology of L-vitamin C, combined with high-quality olive leaf extract, pure vitamins E and A, it can effectively fight inflammation and reduce redness, relieve acne and rosacea, and help reduce skin inflammation, including eczema. Excellent antioxidant repair effect. It is quickly absorbed after being applied to the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed after use and helping the small red pimples to gradually subside.

SkinCeuticals Whitening Repair Gel Water | PHYTO CORRECTIVE

Especially suitable for sensitive skin and has antibacterial properties. In addition to soothing and calming red skin, it also provides highly moisturizing to the skin! Simple and highly effective moisturizing ingredients are very helpful in soothing rosacea. The editor has a noticeable blushing effect after using it. I feel very comfortable after applying it to my skin, and the burning and redness is also significantly relieved.


Light and fine mist instantly soothes skin, reduces visible redness and moisturizes, effectively strengthening skin barrier function. Contains a botanical blend of Bordeaux leaf, cucumber, thyme, olive leaf extract and soothing rosemary extract to soothe skin, as well as a 6.2% hyaluronic acid and glycerin blend to help increase skin moisture.
When the editor feels that the skin is warm, just spray it gently and it can instantly soothe the redness of the skin!

SkinCeuticals DAILY MOISTUR E | SkinCeuticals Vitamin E Deep Sea Water Essence Cream

The texture is soft and can provide moisturizing and replenishing moisture; natural plant extracts can help shrink pores, replenish and lock skin moisture, help heal and protect the skin, making the skin smooth and not greasy. In addition to stabilizing the skin, it also provides highly moisturized skin! Simple moisturizing ingredients soothe sensitive and rough skin.

The editor's personal experience is that the day before a rosette outbreak occurs, it is the day when a cold weather warning is issued for the sudden drop in temperature! Therefore, if the skin fails to strengthen the moisture barrier, the chance of suddenly suffering from rosette will be greatly increased.
So don’t be lazy in your daily moisturizing and skin care routine!

HELIOCARE 360° Gentle Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 50ml

People with rosacea should try to keep makeup to a minimum. But you must not ignore the sun protection part! When treating rosacea, you must pay attention to sun protection to prevent the sun from damaging the skin blood vessels and worsening the condition. Therefore, using sunscreen products suitable for allergic skin can also prevent the condition of rosette from getting worse.

The fully physical, mild and hypoallergenic formula will not irritate the skin and is especially suitable for sensitive skin and for use before and after medical beauty treatments. Effectively blocks UVA/UVB/blue light/infrared rays and enhances blue light resistance by 200%.

The above is the editor’s personal experience and sharing of treating rosea . If you have any questions or the product makes your skin uncomfortable, it is better to consult a doctor for advice ! But remember! As long as patients with rosacea actively seek medical treatment, adjust their mentality, and adjust their living habits, they will be cured. Can move towards recovery and regain self-confidence.

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