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Article: [Skin is prone to sensitivity during the changing seasons] Recommended anti-allergic moisturizer

【 轉季皮膚易敏感 】抗敏保濕推介

[Skin is prone to sensitivity during the changing seasons] Recommended anti-allergic moisturizer

The changing weather can easily lead to skin sensitivity, redness, swelling, dark spots, oiliness and even acne.

Stress, sleep, and stimulating foods are all related to increased secretion of sebaceous glands. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause an imbalance of water and oil in the skin, leading to allergies.

When the skin cannot produce natural moisturizing factors normally, it cannot absorb moisture from the bottom layer and cannot hold on to moisture in the air. At this time, dry skin will appear, which will also affect the process of keratin metabolism. In this case, the skin will become rough and dry, lacking moisture, resulting in dull skin.

An imbalance of water and oil can easily lead to allergies. When various factors come together, the skin will suffer from sudden allergies or acne and other problems.

Therefore, especially when the weather changes from season to season, you must choose moisturizing products that suit you to keep your skin condition stable. As long as the skin has enough moisture, the keratin metabolism process will also be stable. The chances of developing dark spots, acne, peeling, and fine lines are naturally greatly reduced.

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