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Article: [A part that women tend to ignore to show aging - Neck lines]

【女人容易忽略的部位顯老- 頸紋】

[A part that women tend to ignore to show aging - Neck lines]

Just like your face, your neck needs adequate moisturizing care. If the skin is dehydrated, aging will be accelerated, and fine lines and wrinkles will appear, revealing the secrets of age. Therefore, all the maintenance required for the face, including the neck, is indispensable! Daily application of firming lotion can effectively smooth fine lines and make the skin on the neck smoother. Pay attention to push and pull from bottom to top when applying to strengthen the lifting and prevent skin sagging.

SkinCeuticals Tripeptide Firming and Wrinkle-Lightening Neck Cream $660/50ml
The main ingredients of SkinCeuticals Tripeptide Firming and Wrinkle-Lightening Neck Cream are designed to replenish collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans in the shoulders and neck to combat the root causes of aging in the shoulders and neck. Stimulates collagen production, prevents wrinkles, and smoothes existing fine lines and wrinkles.
Increase hyaluronic acid in the epidermis and dermis, improve neck skin contours, and reduce fat cell differentiation.

iS Clinical Traceless Anti-Wrinkle Neck Cream $700/50g
iS Clinical's Traceless Anti-Wrinkle Neck Cream Neckperfect Complex contains gum arabic and hydrolyzed rhizobia gum to instantly fill in stress lines on the neck. Effectively tightens neck skin and restores skin elasticity. It has a full-effect antioxidant formula and added hyaluronic acid to deeply penetrate and moisturize the neck skin. Promote collagen regeneration and provide powerful antioxidant repair.

Exuviance Neck Repair and Rejuvenation Cream $420/30ml

Exuviance Neck Repair and Rejuvenation Care Triple Action Neck Cream Neck repair and regeneration care can improve the firmness of neck skin, effectively prevent sagging skin, targetedly fight off fine lines and wrinkles, gently exfoliate dead skin cells, even out skin tone, and has a gentle texture. Easily absorbed, deeply hydrating and moisturizing.

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