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Skinceuticals Purifying and Regenerating Dual Toner | BLEMISH + AGE TONER 200ml

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Skinceuticals BLEMISH + AGE TONER 200ml

Skin ceuticals BLEMISH + AGE TONER | SkinCeuticals Purifying and Regenerating Dual-Action Toner is designed for acne-prone skin. The Purifying and Regenerating Dual-Action Toner uses triple exfoliating acid ingredients to effectively remove cell debris and aged epidermal cells, reducing pore occlusion. Provides precise and even exfoliation, reduces pore clogging, helps improve skin tone and texture, and removes dirt from pores.

Twice a day, after using Purifying and Regenerating Double Action Cleansing Gel, apply a small amount to a cotton ball and apply to face, neck and décolletage.