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Moroccanoil Hair Smoothing Oil | Treatment 100ml

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Moroccanoil Treatment Oil 100ml

Moroccanoil Treatment 's multi-purpose, deeply nourishing, residue-free formula effectively repairs hair and can be used as a styling and detangling tool. Its formula can completely replenish the lost protein of the hair, help repair damaged hair, and comprehensively renew the hair; the fatty acids, Omega 3 and multiple vitamins in it can make the hair shine!

Plus its anti-nutrient ingredients protect hair from damage. The product is instantly absorbed into the hair and effectively repairs damage caused by heat, styling and environmental factors.

After shampooing, dry your hair with a towel and apply an appropriate amount of Moroccan Hair Smoothing Oil from the stems to the tips.
Blow dry with a hairdryer or allow to air dry. Moroccan Smoothing Oil can also be applied to dry hair to smoothen loose strands or focus on nourishing dry ends.