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NeoStrata Antioxidant Repair Serum | Bionic Face Serum 30ml

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NeoStrata  Bionic Face Serum 30ml

NeoStrata Antioxidant Repair Essence effectively deeply moisturizes and locks in moisture, improving skin dehydration.
Four powerful antioxidant ingredients effectively delay skin aging and stimulate collagen proliferation. Its unique skin renewal and regeneration technology effectively evens out color and improves skin elasticity. Significantly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Improve skin texture, smooth and soften skin, shrink pores, strengthen the wound healing ability of skin cells, and enhance skin protection function.

It is especially suitable for use in dry weather, in air-conditioned places for a long time, and after laser and medical treatments to soothe and repair the skin. Long-term use can thicken the epidermis and improve skin health.

How to use: Take appropriate amount and apply gently on face and neck.